Our story

Pre-blended tea just misses a personal touch to make it perfect for us. What if we can create our own tea blend?  What if we can share our own customized tea blend with our loved ones as a unique gift? We look around and we couldn’t find anyone else that was offering it. So we decided to be a pioneer to introduce the first-of-its-kind Build Your Own Tea tool (BYOT).

By using BYOT tool, with 4 simple steps, you can build your own tea blend from over 100 types of tea and add-on ingredients, including exclusive limited seasonal ingredients, traditional straight teas and exotic infusions from around the globe.

Tea is healthy, delicious and fun. Tea can bring people together, all over the world. Did you know that after plain water, tea is the #1 most popular drink in the world? We revitalize the classic experience with tea through our BYOT tool by adding a modern touch to serve your lifestyle: customization to perfectly fit your desires.

We believe everyone is an artist when it comes to blending tea. Because blending your own tea is much more than just a drink-making exercise, it is also a way of expressing your own lifestyle and personalities.

Regardless of your experience with tea, our Build Your Own Tea guide will walk you through the BYOT process smoothly and fun is part of the process.

The 6 team members blend our tea daily so please also remember to check out our new arrivals regularly to see our tea collection.